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May 21

18.00    Welcome Cadiz Tour

Private guided walking tour of one of the oldest cities in the western world.

Cádiz tourist office

May 22

17.30 –  22.00    Gonzalez Byass TIO PEPE wine bodega visit

The Gonzalez Byass Bodega, located in the city of Jerez de la Frontera is one of the most famous sherry bodegas in the world. The guided tour include a sherry tasting and a selection of “tapas”  http://www.bodegastiopepe.com/

May 23

20.30   Gala Diner

This will take place at the “Baluarte de los Martires”. This Baluarte (fortification) was part of the defences of the city. Built in 1676, it was declared a place of cultural interest in 1993 by the Government of Andalusia. It looks over the bay of La Caleta and from its prominent position, historically, artillery was placed to defend that part of the coast.

Enjoy the setting sun and a flamenco show during your meal.

May  24

17.00    Guided visit to the Phoenician Archaeological Site Gadir

The city of Gadir is one of the oldest Phoenician settlements of the West. Already in the first quarter of the first millennium BC they saw the first arrivals of first refusal by the Phoenicians of Tyre, founding a stable colony at a date to what was found under the Puppet Theatre were difficult to pinpoint. The shortage of architectural remains of Phoenician settlements throughout the Mediterranean, make the archaeological site Gadir, an essential place to discover the lifestyles of the former Phoenician culture

Since the limited capacity of this social event, please confirm your assistance via e-mail (technoheritage2017@uca.es).

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