Our friend and colleague Prof. Cesáreo Sáiz Jiménez has recently retired. We are pleased to invite you to participate in a session honouring him at TechnoHeritage 2017 Congress held in Cádiz, Spain from 21th to 24th May. Our intent is to recognize Prof. Sáiz Jiménez’s work and its impact on the Cultural Heritage conservation community that he helped promote through the creation of TechnoHeritage network in 2011. In this special session, entitled “Biodeterioration: fundamentals, present and future perspectives. Session in honour of Prof. Cesáreo Sáiz Jiménez” you can present: (1) your present investigation related to Biodeteration or (2) A review of your previous research and especially, your work carried out in collaboration with Prof. Sáiz Jiménez. All the communication will be included in the Proceedings of the Conference.


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