Congress Main Topics


The objective of the TechnoHeritage 2017 Congress, organized by the Spanish Network of Science and Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage, is to promote an interdisciplinary forum to discuss all aspects of Cultural Heritage conservation, according to the following specific aims:

  • To stimulate cooperation and integration between otherwise heterogeneous fields (professionals and researchers from scientific, conservation-restoration and architecture areas)
  • To promote networking among European research teams facing Horizon 2020
  • To provide a comprehensive, up-to-date and state of the art picture on the following topics


T1. Deterioration of Cultural Heritage

  • Environmental Assessment and Monitoring (Pollution, Climate Change, Natural Events)
  • Agents and Mechanisms of Decay (Physical, Chemical and Biological)


T2. Nanomaterials and other Products for Conservation

  • Cleaning products, Consolidants, Hydrophobic and Superhydrophobic products, Self-cleaning and Anti-graffiti agents, Biocides and Depollutant products


T3. New Technologies for Analysis, GPR applications, Protection and Conservation

  • Non-Invasive Technologies, Security Technologies, Remote Sensing and G.I.S, UAV systems (i.e. drones) and 3D Laser scanning


T4. Underwater Cultural Heritage

  • Protection and Conservation of archaeological sites, buildings and wrecks
  • Evaluation of Underwater Decay


T5. 20th Century Cultural Heritage

  • Conservation of Concretes, Contemporary Art and other modern Materials
  • Preservation of Industrial Heritage


T6. Significance of Cultural Heritage

  • Policies for Conservation
  • Social Value


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